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Transformational self-understanding, body love and integrated physical-emotional healing, through practical wisdom from Chinese Medicine and Dreamwork. Here to help you clear stagnation and open to new insights and energy, so you can serve from a place of well-being.

-with Leilani Navar

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Discover the living body of work Erin and Carl call Integrative Embodiment. Join them in weaving somatic work into the healing of our human community and our wider, wild world. Grow embodied presence, courageous intimacy with life, and a liberating kindness toward what is.

-with Erin Geesaman Rabke and Carl Rabke

Learn more about The Great Turning. Education on behalf of life.

- with Lydia Harutoonian.

Learn about bees and the art and science of natural beekeeping

- with Ariella Daly

Want to know about a solution right under our feet? Check out this film about how soil can regenerate the world.