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Transformational self-understanding, body love and integrated physical-emotional healing that helps you serve from a place of well-being and overflow

-with Leilani Navar

A place to join women from all walks of life, to clear ancestral trauma around money, embody financial freedom, and embrace your next level of wealth. Learn a technology that blends somatic movement, visualization, and breathwork to create a money breakthrough.

- with Tori Washington

Encounter your dreams (the sleeping kind) in a whole new way. Let them lead you more fully into being, prepare you with truth, shock you into awareness, connect you deeply with others. Wolf Pack Dreaming groups for men, and individual Dream Tracking, and Dream Scout Apprenticeship training.

- with Matt Cochran

Learn more about The Great Turning. Education on behalf of life.

- with Lydia Harutoonian.

Under the impression that changing the world is one more kind of hard work? Meet author and editor Adrienne Maree Brown and discover her take on the politics of healing and happiness: "pleasure activism."

Want to know about a solution right under our feet? Check out this film about how soil can regenerate the world.

Learn the skills of simple modern homesteading

- with Melissa K. Norris

Learn about bees and the art and science of natural beekeeping

- with Ariella Daly