Episode 7: Betting on Emergence (with Jamie Harvie)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 7 with Jamie Harvie turningseason.com

When you click Play below, you’ll hear the voice of Jamie Harvie, reflecting on the mindset that’s at stake as he works on one practical project: ending the use of single-use bags. 

When I first connected with Jamie, he told me about this campaign in Duluth, MN, to move on from single-use bags and promote a culture of reuse.

Pretty quickly, though, I learned how much wider his scope of action and reflection has been: he’s known nationally for leading the effort to phase mercury out of healthcare here in the U.S., he’s involved in a Rights of Nature campaign, he serves as the executive director of the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI), and he holds questions like, how can we have an economy that’s in service to the sacred?

How do we see the sacred in one another?

What shifts in perspective can come out of the Rights of Nature conversation, that are even more important than any laws?

Click Play now to hear us talk about all that, and:

  • how Jamie relates to “the three stories of our time,” and the importance of loving the parts of ourselves that are still living in “Business as Usual”
  • our bodies, all life forms, and the planet as complex, adaptive, self-healing systems
  • legal campaigns for Rights of Nature, the paradigm shift they can usher in, and the paradox of taking away or giving rights to “nature”
  • the magic of seeing individuals recognize their potential to create change
  • how inseparable we are from one another (as in, this isn’t about “good” people stopping “bad” people with laws)
  • working with physicians and healers who use psychedelic plant medicines (or, plant teachers), the mystical experience, and how all 3 stories of our time play out in this field
  • and betting on the possibility that The Great Turning will involve unpredictable “emergence”, as the shifts in different places continue to connect

Once you listen, leave a Comment below and let me know what you think, what you feel, what you wonder. Let’s keep this conversation going! 

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