Episode 30: News On Indigenous Leadership in the Arctic, The Mother Tree Project, and Tribes and Nature Defenders in the Philippines


Another news roundup of evidence of The Great Turning, for this month’s New Moon:

  • The Mother Tree project in British Columbia
  • Tribes and Natures Defenders in the Philippines
  • and Indigenous leadership on climate change in the Arctic

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This show is for every one of you who’s awake to our multiple crises, feels your love for the web of life, and is finding your way to participate in cultivating ways of living that we can believe in, making a life-honoring present, even in the face of an uncertain future. 

This New Moon episode is a very quick one. Since July of last year, on New Moons, I’ve been releasing short 10-15 minute episodes sharing news from each dimension of the great turning: Holding Actions; Life-Sustaining Systems; and Shifts in Consciousness.

I’m really enjoying gathering up all this evidence of the Great Turning in action. 

And I’m going to keep doing that. But after this one, I’ll be sharing that on the New Moons by email newsletter. For the podcast, I’m returning to releasing only the deep conversation episodes, every Full Moon, where we get to really understand the work someone is doing in the world, plus what’s happening in their mind and heart around the Great Turning and their personal role in it. 

This decision basically comes down to my own personal sustainability. I love this podcast. I love connecting with all of you listening. And I love all the other things I’m doing. Mothering is at the top of that list, and I’m running a fuller acupuncture and dreamwork practice than I did in the past, and now working with the School for the Great Turning to support all the incredible online and in-person programming provided there.

All while I also want to make more, not less, time and space for all the fun and the challenges of my family, community, and bioregion. 

So that’s the plan: New Moon newsletter, Full Moon episodes. The newsletter will include a roundup of Great Turning news, along with links to other things I’ve come across that month that I’ve found heartening or inspiring, or have made me ask new questions, plus maybe a meme or two that made me cry-laugh.

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Come back for the upcoming Full Moon episodes with guests from Brazil, Utah, and India. So excited to share these with you. Thanks for being here, and for all the ways you play your part.

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Leilani Navar