Episode 26: News on Refugees and Regenerative Agriculture in Uganda, Fossil Free Research, and The Revolutionary Love Project


Click Play below for 13 minutes of Active Hope to hearten you today, in the latest news episode of Turning Season Podcast. Hear about:

  • the work of a young refugee in Uganda named Irenge Mudekuza Gloire, founder of Plethora Social Initiative, teaching permaculture and regenerative agriculture to fellow refugees and host communities
  • Fossil Free Research campaigns to get universities to break ties with oil and gas companies – and never let them fund research on climate, energy, or environmental studies
  • and the Declaration of Revolutionary Love, written by civil rights leader and visionary Valarie Kaur

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Learn more about Plethora Social Initiative in Uganda:


Learn more about the Fossil Free Research campaign:


Learn more about Valarie Kaur and the Revolutionary Love Project:



Get the book, See No Stranger: A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love, here: