Episode 25: Finding Your Purpose in a Time of Deep Adaptation (with Gwyneth Jones)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 25 with Gwyneth Jones

It can be hard enough to find your “purpose” in the best of times – and it’s a whole other level of challenging when you’re reckoning with the prospect of ecological and societal breakdown. My interviewee for this Full Moon episode, Gwyneth Jones, describes herself as a “Deep Adaptation Coach,” serving as a life coach for people who are aware of our collective predicament. 

She’s rising to her role in the Great Turning also as a writer, a gardener, a teacher of her native language, Welsh, and a connector, having one-on-one conversations with people around the world in her interview series, “The Story Anew.”

Click Play above to enjoy Gwyneth’s company with me and hear us talk about:

  • what “Deep Adaptation” is, and the 4 R’s of Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration, and Reconciliation
  • the stories we tell about what’s happening in our world right now 
  • shifts in consciousness Gwyneth has noticed at home in Wales, and in conversations with people from the Philippines to the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • helping people tap into a feeling of calling, duty or mission (and how it’s more than okay to have more than one, and have your work be hard to describe!)
  • and teaching the Welsh language in connection with decolonization, as people reconnect with nature-loving ancestral cultures in the British Isles.

I read the “Deep Adaptation” paper myself for the first time early this year, and it’s had a profound effect on me. Gwyneth is someone who has integrated these considerations into her personal and professional life, and she remains so full of vitality and love. I’m very happy to be connected with her as we all meet these times together. Enjoy the conversation.

Thanks for listening to Turning Season Podcast, your regular dose of Active Hope in the Great Turning, bringing you news and deep conversations about our adventure toward a life-honoring, life-sustaining way of being human on earth. This show is for every one of you who’s awake to our multiple crises, feels your love for life on Earth, and chooses to participate in cultivating ways of life we can believe in, making a life-honoring present, even in the face of an uncertain future. 

Hosted by Leilani Navar, a facilitator of the Work that Reconnects, an acupuncturist and dreamworker, and a believer in the power of conversation.

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Gwyneth Jones is a Work that Reconnects facilitator, Deep Adaptation coach, writer and gardener, focusing on themes around how the climate crisis shows up for us internally and collectively, how we can process and adapt to rapid changes in our world, and how we can start to reimagine a world that celebrates justice and life. She also hosts and produces a video interview series called The Story Anew, where she speaks to people from all around the world who are taking part in the Great Turning. Based in Prague for the last six years, she is currently relocating back to her homeland of Wales and aiming to become more involved with the local community. 

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