Episode 20: News on 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People, Moratorium on Oil and Mining in Ecuador, and Protect Thacker Pass

Turning Season Podcast Episode 20 News on 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People, Moratorium on Oil and Mining in Ecuador, Protecting Thacker Pass with Leilani Navar turningseason.com

Click Play below for your dose of Active Hope in today’s news episode of Turning Season Podcast, here to bring you news and deep conversations about our adventure toward a life-honoring, life-sustaining way of being human on Earth. This show is for every one of you who’s awake to our multiple crises, feels your love for life on Earth, and chooses to participate in cultivating ways of life we can believe in, making a life-honoring present even in the face of an uncertain future.

You’ll hear about:

  • an agreement between indigenous organizations and the government of Ecuador for a moratorium on new oil extraction and mining
  • the 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People initiative, bringing large-scale educational and financial support to regenerative landscape projects around the world
  • and protecting Thacker Pass, an area of Northern Nevada, sacred to the Paiute and Shoshone people, from an open-pit lithium mine (plus the shift in consciousness this invites us to make about “green” technology)

More info on the moratorium in Ecuador:



More info on the 1000 Landscapes initiative:



and on Earth Regenerators and Barichara:



More info on Protect Thacker Pass and Bright Green Lies:



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Leilani Navar