Episode 2: Regenerative Smart Villages (with Jay Wong)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 2 Regenerative Smart Villages with Jay Wong hosted by Leilani Navar turningseason.com

Click Play now to hear my conversation with Jay Wong, who’s developing “regenerative smart villages” in Portugal. What would it look like to have residential, commercial, and agricultural life happening in a multi-generational community, one that handles waste, water, food and electricity sustainably?

That’s a big question, and Jay’s learning about all aspects of the answer, in the project he co-founded: Inspira Villages.

Inspira Villages is a real estate development and design firm based in Portugal dedicated to building Regenerative Smart Villages designed around healthy living, holistic sustainability, and local resilience.

Jay grew up in Southern California, and has lived and worked in the US, India, and Portugal in technology, health, nutrition, wellness, finance, and media with a focus on innovation in product and service design, sustainability, and systemic transformation. He’s also a meditation teacher offering workshops and retreats on stress management and personal development. He helps run a yoga school with his wife and is a proud father of 3.

And, he’s my little brother. I’m so excited to be having these kinds of conversations with him and to get to share this one with you.

Listen in to hear us talk about:

  • Jay’s journey from living in “business as usual,” through deep sadness about “the great unraveling,” to his current role, generating solutions at the perimeter of mainstream society
  • how to bring these topics up with people who aren’t already thinking about them
  • what he loves about being alive on Earth, and what breaks his heart
  • our need for a whole-systems approach, thinking about ecological health, not just carbon and our ticking clock
  • new ways of designing cities, with innovations at the level of infrastructure and core utilities (rather than making incremental changes in existing cities)
  • plus dry toilets, circular economy, cradle to cradle, and more

Read the transcript of this episode here: turningseason.com/episode2transcript

Inspira Villages: https://inspiravillages.com

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