Episode 15: The Non-GMO Project, Right Relationship, and How Powerful Each of Us Truly Is (with Megan Westgate)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 15 The Non-GMO Project, Right Relationship, and How Powerful Each of Us Truly Is with Megan Westgate hosted by Leilani Navar turningseason.com

Have you ever noticed that little butterfly on some packaged foods, labeled “Non-GMO Project VERIFIED?” Maybe you even look for the butterfly before you buy, and feel better about eating what’s inside because of it. That’s you exercising your power in one of the most intimate ways possible: how you take food into your own body.

In this conversation, I’m joined by my dear friend and admired collaborator in the Great Turning, Megan Westgate, founder of The Non-GMO Project and respected speaker on the issue of genetically modified foods.

Click Play now to enjoy her company with me, and you’ll hear about: 

  • why protecting a non-GMO food supply matters (and it’s not only the reasons you’d think!)
  • the agency each one of us has to impact food systems — plus the rest of reality, too
  • orienting to “right relationship” with life on Earth
  • every bite of food as sacrament — even when the food is not necessarily non-GMO
  • and how The Non-GMO Project takes part in all 3 dimensions of The Great Turning: holding actions to prevent or slow damage to the web of life; nurturing life-sustaining systems; and shifts in consciousness

Plus, how Megan learned to spread out her toes.

May this episode inspire you, spark new questions, and remind you of your power, as you too collaborate in creating the change you wish to see in the world.

More about Megan Westgate:

After years of passionate food advocacy, Megan helped launch the Non-GMO Project in 2006. She became Executive Director in 2007 and has been hard at work to protect the future of non-GMO food ever since.

As a national thought leader on the non-GMO issue, Megan is a highly respected speaker and has been featured in numerous national publications and forums.

In addition to the Non-GMO Project, her passions in life include her young children, Robin Wilder and Riverley, and the organic permaculture homestead she and her husband Noah are cultivating in the beautiful Lake Whatcom watershed.

From 2010-17, Megan served on the Board of the Community Food Co-op where she spent two years as Board chair and another two years as chair of the Board Development Committee.

Megan is the co-author of The Non-GMO Cookbook and Yoga for Pregnancy.

Connect with Megan and learn more about the Non-GMO Project on their website: 


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