Episode 14: The Body is Our Gateway (with Petra Bongartz)

Turning Season Podcast Episode 14 The Body is Our Gateway with Petra Bongartz hosted by Leilani Navar turningseason.com

How do we get from, “We know we have to change,” to “We’re actually changing”? As a society, or even as individuals? 

As you’ll hear my guest Petra Bongartz say at the beginning of this episode, we’ve known for a long time that we need to change – and yet, we haven’t changed.

Why not?

For Petra, the doorway to change is the body. If we don’t address the patterns and stories in our bodies, which are THE way we experience and engage in the world, change is incredibly difficult. Petra works with somatic and Earth-based practices to help people move on from their old stories, find more clarity and inspiration, and feel resourced, so we can be changemakers in a joyful, meaningful and sustainable way.

Click Play above to hear:

  • some reflections from me, as I’m “seeing with new eyes,” about speaking less of change for the sake of the future, and more of change for the sake of the present
  • Petra’s insights on how our own bodies are the central places we can effect change
  • the “Great Unraveling” going on inside each of us, too, as we let old stories go
  • Petra’s work with clients, including “nature connection” (plus, problems with the word “nature”)
  • braving our frozen or blocked feelings in community, freeing up the energy to be well, individually and collectively
  • having hope in the intelligence of life, and things that are beyond human understanding
  • and moving on from the orientation of “being enough,” to, “being is enough.”

I’m grateful for this true conversation, this rich exchange, with a wise and beautiful soul.

More about Petra: In addition to movement practices, somatics, and connection with outer and inner nature, Petra has a background in international development work. All these have provided her with a “personal and professional learning laboratory when it comes to the question of: How do we create change on both individual and collective levels?” Based in South Africa, she also works with people online worldwide. 

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Leilani Navar