The Dreamers’ Den Series Ep 9: Dreams, Creativity and Liberation (a conversation with Teresa Vazquez)

Dreams Creativity and Liberation a conversation with Teresa Vazquez on The Dreamers' Den Podcast with Leilani Navar

Teresa Vazquez still remembers a dream she had at age 5. She’s always kept her dream journals from adolescence. Decades went by, though, as she was studying art and becoming a writer and educator, before she found her path as a dreamworker.

In this episode, Teresa shares her story, from childhood dreams, through a stint in a sleep research lab and a life-changing car accident, to her training with Robert Moss. Now, she describes herself as a “dream midwife.” You might relate to the idea of re-birthing a relationship with your dreams.

One of the reasons I reached out to Teresa was that she has done dreamwork with children and teenagers. You’ll get to hear about her “dream theater” projects at an arts camp, which I love imagining.

In talking about dream art and dream theater with young people, Teresa touches on how race, culture, and socioeconomics might influence dreamwork in different contexts. She reflects on the cultural influences on her own dreaming, coming through her Afro-Cuban heritage and the Spanish language.

Teresa shares one of her dreams, called Where is the Water, as an example of a dream that speaks to liberation. Diving into this one leads us on a wander through topics like the collective myths that we don’t consciously remember, and the importance of the setting of a dream (this one is in a dangerous part of the neighborhood).

At the end, Teresa reads aloud one of her dream-inspired poems, called Come with Me. It speaks to these different dream neighborhoods, and to healing and growth through dreamwork.

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Be sure to let me know if any dreams of your own come to mind as you’re listening. Share your dream poems, or any questions or comments. I love hearing from you.

#Antibody:Liquidation by Teresa Vazquez The Dreamers Den Podcast Episode 9 with Leilani Navar

#Antibody:Liquidation by Teresa Vazquez (Mixed media on Yupo paper, 2020, 40” x 26”)

Teresa’s website, DREAMINGWOKE

Music by East Forest

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