The Dreamers’ Den Series Ep 8: Dreams of Bats, Dreams of Snow (a conversation with Azima Lila Forest)

Dreamers Den Podcast with Leilani Navar and Azima Lila Forest Dreams of Bats Dreams of Snow

Can you imagine being a devoted witness of dreams, your own and others’, for almost 50 years?

There are a few people who could say, “Yes, that’s me.” But not many.

Azima Lila Forest began working with dreams in the 1970s, when she met Jeremy Taylor. Since then, she has studied with Robert Moss, and become a teacher (sheikh) of universal Sufism and a Unitarian Universalist minister.

In our conversation, we talk about her perspective on the current global “emergence-y”. She shares the three levels of significance she’s been hearing in dreams: the personal; the effects of the worldwide pandemic on the personal life; and the larger global situation.

In our free-flowing conversation, we follow our curiosity and our enchantment with dreams to talk about

  • some repeated symbols we’ve seen recently (a river; snow in the tropics)
  • death and endings in dreams
  • how Azima has seen the Earth showing up more and more in dreams over the past few decades
  • and the irreplaceable value of working dreams in groups, because our companions see what we cannot.

At the end, we compile a little verbal collage of all the animals we’ve heard of recently in dreams. I invite you to listen in and imagine all these creatures with us. See what they might stir in you.

It was such a pleasure for me to visit with Azima. I think you’ll be able to tell.

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