The Dreamers’ Den Series Ep 4: Each Character in Your Dream is a Door (a conversation with Sue Scavo)

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Sure, it’s a nice door. But are you going to stare at it, or go ahead and open it?

In this episode, you’ll hear Sue Scavo describe each character in your dream as a door to walk through. Have you ever been confused or embarrassed about dreaming of a certain person? Thinking, “why is he here?” Sue gives such a helpful way of looking at this.

You’ll hear in the way Sue talks how passionate and curious she is about dreams. One of her projects is the literary and arts journal, deLuge, devoted to art and writing that comes from the liminal space of dreaming. I really enjoyed hearing Sue share her thoughts on art and dreams, and how core dreams are to human creativity.

As she puts it, the dream is just the beginning. The dream itself is a door, and when we walk through it, the conversation begins. Art can begin. Then the art can become a door. And so on.

And speaking of art… I’m excited to say that I’ll be hosting an online event with Sue, coming up in late June or early July. She’ll be facilitating some creativity inspired by dreams. You are warmly invited. Sign up to keep in touch with me by email here and I’ll keep you updated!

When you dive into this episode, you’ll hear several dream stories from Sue. We talk about famous people and characters who show up in our personal dreams (anyone else have Harry Potter dreams?). We have a lot of fun talking about the band U2, recurring figures in Sue’s own dreams. Sue shares what she means by “embodied dreamwork,” and how important it is to slow down and take a breath into whatever experience you’re having.

One of my favorite parts of the interview is the end, when Sue gives her guidance for working with your own dreams, especially for people newly curious about dreamwork. She talks about what the intentions of dreams are, and how to work with scary dreams. Her re-frame about the whole “we have blind spots about ourselves” concept is a real gift. I’ll let you listen to it for yourself.

One more thing. Dreaming Welcome: Moving Closer in a Time of Distance is coming right up on Saturday, May 16.

Will you join us?

You’ll see that tickets for members of The Dreamers’ Den are 50% off. Would you like to become a member? Membership is on a sliding scale of $3-24 (U.S. dollars) per month. Doors are open for membership until May 29. I’d love to have you.

I’m loving the dreamwork we’re doing in the more intimate, members-only forum. You can connect with other dreamers and dreamworkers, practitioners of the healing arts, artists and storytellers, sharing dreams and supporting each other.

Having that support is huge: it’s one thing to notice our dreams, vaguely intend to honor them and occasionally have a powerful moment. It’s another to dedicate some real time and attention to them.

My monthly invitations and prompts, as well as the dialogue with the community, and of course these live events, are there to support your deeper engagement with your dreams. Doors will be open until May 29. After that, I’m going to focus in on the community that’s developing with everyone who’s already joined. I’ll reopen later this year, but if you are interested now, I hope you’ll come on in before May 29.

Learn more about Sue and get in touch with her on her website, at deLuge, or at Students of the Dream.

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