Turning Season Podcast Episode 37 with Alpha Lo hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 37: How Restoring the Water Web Relieves Drought, Fire and Flood (with Alpha Lo)

October 14, 2023

Alpha Lo caught my attention when I heard him say, “All we have to do is…” and then lay out a sweeping plan for how California can effectively restore rain, prevent both wildfires and floods, and regenerate the water cycle. He explained how we could reverse the negative effects on the water cycle caused by…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 36 with Leilani Wong Navar and Lydia Violet Harutoonian

Episode 36: Personal and Collective Healing in Chinese Medicine and Deep Ecology (with Leilani Wong Navar and guest interviewer Lydia Violet Harutoonian)

August 1, 2023

Our bodies are just like the rest of the living world: coursing with healing, life-affirming intelligence and capacity; and suffering the effects of being out of balance. The body is one setting for what Joanna Macy called “the three stories of our time”: Business as Usual, the Great Unraveling, and the Great Turning. We’ve explored…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 35 with Gloire Mudekuza hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 35: Regeneration and Resilience for Refugees and Host Communities in Uganda (with Gloire Mudekuza)

July 3, 2023

Ready for a dose of Active Hope? Listen to Gloire Mudekuza, a young refugee, a social entrepreneur, a climate activist and a mentor in Uganda, making an impact in the refugee community. He is passionate about regenerative agriculture, climate action, and entrepreneurship. He is the founder and director of Plethora Social Initiative, a refugee-led organization…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 34 Afro-lachian Herbal Remedies Past Stories Current Conversations with Ruby Daniels hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 34: Afro-lachian Herbal Remedies, Past Stories & Current Conversations (with Ruby Daniels)

June 4, 2023

Register here for the (free!) Great Turning Summit: In this planet-wide, diverse movement we can call The Great Turning, one of the threads I’m personally following is medicine. I’m all in for the shift to a life-honoring, life-sustaining approach to understanding illness, treating disease, and promoting health and healing.  Ruby Daniels is part of…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 33 with Joe Brewer hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 33: Becoming an Earth Regenerator (with Joe Brewer)

May 5, 2023

How about these goals:  What would that take? Joe Brewer has dedicated his life to this question, and to a “living laboratory” of bioregional regeneration and community collaboration. He is the founder of Earth Regenerators and co-founder of the newly established Design School for Regenerating Earth. I have learned so much from Joe. He’s been a…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 28 A Return to Beekeeping and Reweaving with Ariella Daly hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 28: A Return to Beekeeping and Reweaving (with Ariella Daly)

January 21, 2023

Here at the new beginning marked by the Lunar New Year, come back with me to the beginning of Turning Season Podcast, for what remains one of my favorite conversations yet, with dreamworker, beekeeper, and new mother, Ariella Daly. A warm hello to all of you who’ve starting listening since this show was born. I…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 21 Water Wisdom for Deserts, Forests, and Cities with Charles Upton hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 21: Water Wisdom for Deserts, Forests and Cities (with Charles Upton)

October 9, 2022

How much power do you think you have to affect rainfall, or to influence how vulnerable a landscape is to wildfire? Do we have any agency in our situation of “running out of water”?  Until recently, I didn’t think those things were in our hands at all. I’ve been excited to learn from water experts…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 4 A Permaculture Path with André Soares hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 4: A Permaculture Path (with André Soares)

November 4, 2021

The one where a grandfather & permaculture designer points out my “old paradigm” thinking. Click Play above to listen to this seasoned teacher, André Soares, founder of Ecocentro Ipec in Central Brazil, talk with me about: his more than 25 years in international permaculture design and teaching unlearning “business as usual” thinking healthy home design…

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Episode 1: Beekeeping and Reweaving (with Ariella Daly)

September 20, 2021

We can each be guided by what we love, and by what breaks our hearts. Ariella Daly’s heart is with the bees. If you’ve listened to The Dreamers’ Den series, you heard Ariella in Episode 31, speaking about dream mirroring, bee shamanism, and the dreamweave of the earth. She’s back now to to kick off…

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