Turning Season Podcast Episode 17 Experiential Deep Ecology with John Seed hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 17: Experiential Deep Ecology (with John Seed)

August 11, 2022

How do we live at a time like this? You are in for a treat in today’s episode, hearing John Seed’s answer to this question, and especially in hearing about how he’s come to his answer.  If you don’t recognize his name, John Seed is a wise elder, activist and well-loved leader based in Australia,…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 16 News on Amazonian Women's Center, Plastics Treaty, Wildlife Sanctuary hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 16: News on Amazonian Women’s Healing Center, International Treaty on Plastics, and Reconnection Ecology at Wildlife Sanctuary

July 28, 2022

This is the first “news” episode of Turning Season Podcast. I had the idea to do short episodes like this while listening to a 5-minute NPR podcast a few months ago. It was a very quick, back-to-back series of stories with the sense: “Here’s what you should know.” It included something like, updates on war…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 15 The Non-GMO Project, Right Relationship, and How Powerful Each of Us Truly Is with Megan Westgate hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 15: The Non-GMO Project, Right Relationship, and How Powerful Each of Us Truly Is (with Megan Westgate)

July 14, 2022

Have you ever noticed that little butterfly on some packaged foods, labeled “Non-GMO Project VERIFIED?” Maybe you even look for the butterfly before you buy, and feel better about eating what’s inside because of it. That’s you exercising your power in one of the most intimate ways possible: how you take food into your own…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 10 The Choice to Re-Wild with Claire Dunn hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 10: The Choice to Re-Wild (with Claire Dunn)

February 16, 2022

This one’s a treat for you lovers of wild lands, you who are curious about wilderness survival, my dreamers and dreamworkers, and anyone seeking out their path in a world of so many possibilities, and so many needs. I knew that in conversation with Claire Dunn – who lived alone in the bush for a…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 8 The Rainforest Defending Itself with Liz Downes

Episode 8: The Rainforest Defending Itself (with Liz Downes)

January 17, 2022

Have you ever donated to “save the rainforest?” I remember placing a globe-shaped piggy bank on the secretary’s desk at my elementary school in about 1991. The Kids for Saving Earth club asked people to drop their spare change in, so we could buy a $25 acre of rainforest, and protect it “forever.”  It’s been…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 7 with Jamie Harvie

Episode 7: Betting on Emergence (with Jamie Harvie)

December 18, 2021

When you click Play below, you’ll hear the voice of Jamie Harvie, reflecting on the mindset that’s at stake as he works on one practical project: ending the use of single-use bags.  When I first connected with Jamie, he told me about this campaign in Duluth, MN, to move on from single-use bags and promote…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 6 Re-Membering We're Connected with Skye and Miraz hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 6: Re-Membering We’re Connected (with Skye and Miraz)

December 4, 2021

Have you ever glimpsed your interconnection with the rest of the living world? Felt it in your own body? Maybe breathed in that knowing for a moment, or a few, but then slipped back into our dominant culture’s habitual perspective of separateness? I adored this conversation with Skye and Miraz, who are devoted to re-membering…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 3 with Matt Cochran hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 3: Guided by Dreams (with Matt Cochran)

October 20, 2021

Matt Cochran joins me again, this time to share how dreamwork, especially in connection with men’s work, is a part of his role in The Great Turning. Click Play below to hear us talk about: how Matt relates to the “three stories of our time” (and how these compare to a rite of passage, or…

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Turning Season Podcast Episode 2 Regenerative Smart Villages with Jay Wong hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 2: Regenerative Smart Villages (with Jay Wong)

October 6, 2021

Click Play now to hear my conversation with Jay Wong, who’s developing “regenerative smart villages” in Portugal. What would it look like to have residential, commercial, and agricultural life happening in a multi-generational community, one that handles waste, water, food and electricity sustainably? That’s a big question, and Jay’s learning about all aspects of the…

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Episode 1: Beekeeping and Reweaving (with Ariella Daly)

September 20, 2021

We can each be guided by what we love, and by what breaks our hearts. Ariella Daly’s heart is with the bees. If you’ve listened to The Dreamers’ Den series, you heard Ariella in Episode 31, speaking about dream mirroring, bee shamanism, and the dreamweave of the earth. She’s back now to to kick off…

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