The Dreamers’ Den Series Ep 35: The Dreams that Shape Us (with Leilani Navar & Steve Ernenwein)

Dreamers Den Podcast Episode 35 The Dreams that Shape Us with Leilani Navar and Steve Ernenwein

Something new and much more personal for this Full Moon: You’re about to hear me share a series of 3 of the most potent dreams of my life, and how they’ve been woven into my healing.

There’s the personal physical level, the ancestral, and the societal levels. There’s a yurt at the sandy confluence of two rivers; a computer to reprogram; a devil prince; an invader and a martial arts master; a golden sword; and a poem about autoimmunity, hatred, and living “In the Time of Choice.” (scroll down to read the poem) It’s a full two hours!

I hope it brings you some a-ha’s of your own, or new questions to explore.

I’m the guest in this conversation, hosted by my friend Steve Ernenwein, the dreamer in our recorded dream group (Episode 33). This is an episode of the podcast Steve hosts with JM DeBord, called The Dreams that Shape Us. They are breaking down the myth that “dreams don’t mean anything” one powerful story at a time. I know if you’re here, you probably don’t think “dreams don’t mean anything,” so for you their show is a delicious chance to hear individual people thoroughly share their powerful dreams, with original music and dreamy sounds by Steve in every episode. So after you listen to this, be sure to check out their podcast, The Dreams that Shape Us, for more. 

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This is Episode 35 of The Dreamers’ Den Podcast and the final one that will be released under this name. After a pause for some deep, slow breaths, quite a bit of website work, and a few exciting conversations, I will be back on the Full Moon in September and this podcast will show up in your feed under a new name:

Turning Season.

You’ll be hearing conversations between me and all kinds of healers and changemakers of “The Great Turning” — which is a name for this enormous transition humanity is making toward life-sustaining societies.

If you’re feeling concerned (or beyond concerned!) about “the great unraveling,” this podcast will become your regular dose of active hope, heart-to-heart connection, expanded awareness of how much is being done already, and glimpse of what’s possible.

The first few conversations will be with dreamworkers whose contribution to the Great Turning includes their dreamwork. You’ll hear from Ariella Daly again, about natural beekeeping, and bees as wisdom teachers. Matt Cochran will return to talk about men’s work. I’ll share more about my role as a Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner, parent, grower of food, and … host of Turning Season Podcast!

With future guests I’ll be diving into everything from circular economics to personal trauma healing; composting toilets to decolonization; art as activism to protecting thriving ecosystems; new technological innovations to pleasure as revolutionary…

You get the idea.

I’m also excited to talk with people who might not identify as a healer or a changemaker, an activist or a visionary, but are rising to their role in the Great Turning in the way they live their everyday lives. If you have any suggestions for interviewees, or you want to be interviewed yourself, contact me here.

The poem I share toward the end of this episode:


from a dream

by Leilani Navar


I’m opting out of humanity’s

Autoimmune disease

I will not hate anyone


Unsubscribe me


Permission to access my location:



Not forgotten,

Those close-built courtyards

Red roses climbing black iron gates

Ancestors who fled,

Unseen, even in yellow

Who clenched their sons

In tight fists, little legs dangling

Who barged in, bold

And didn’t come out again


You may want me dead

Crouched, cowering


I may have let your wish

Make a home in my throat

And I may have – almost – blamed you

No more

It’s now

Now, it’s

Create a filter, flag as spam


If you still slip through

If you lunge in malice

Don’t mistake yourself on the ground,

My two exquisite blades

Over your face,

For a sign that I wish you any harm


I won’t allow ill will

Not even indifference

I cradle those bitter seeds in dry sand

And divert all water

Toward pumpkins


I wish for you only

What I wish my own babies

To be so cherished your skin glows

To be so alive, your soul set singing

That you can’t but let

Life’s love of life

Have its way with you


I wish you forgiveness

From your people

May you cut away the rotten bits

Bake the rest to sweetness

And share a meal

Feet in the dirt

Encircled by those who love you

As much as they did

The day they counted your

Tiny, perfect toes


Location pinned.


Leilani Navar


  1. Becky Cleland on August 25, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    Ah, beautiful, Leilani!! So full of images and feelings.. So full of scenes and actions, burning, and growing in tenderness. Dreams are perfect poetry food!

    I am contemplating joining a group; it’s so connecting and wonderful to join in dream interpretation. You will hear from me soon!

    Becky Cleland

    • Leilani Navar on August 28, 2021 at 5:26 pm

      Becky, thank you so much for listening, and for feeling these dreams with me. I’m looking forward to when we can connect again about your dreams!