The Dreamers’ Den Series Ep 31: Intentional Dreaming, the Honeybee, and the World’s Dreamweave (a conversation with Ariella Daly)

Dreamers Den Podcast Episode 31 Intentional Dreaming the Honeybee and the World's Dreamweave with Ariella Daly hosted by Leilani Navar

“Bee shamanism” is ancient, but its existence was recent news to me. Ancient Greek priestesses who dreamt with the bees? A European folk tradition tied to women’s spirituality and beekeeping? Tell me more! In this episode, Ariella Daly tells me so much more. I was enchanted. Click Play on the player below to hear us talk about dreamwork in connection with bee shamanism, plus:

  • dreaming with the Earth (or the bees) vs. dreaming of the Earth or bees
  • the honeybee and the snake: beings who regenerate themselves, important allies and sources of wisdom
  • working with the body as a dreaming vessel (especially the womb, for female bodies)
  • the dreamweave that circles the earth
  • three powerful dreams of Ariella’s: a python in a river; two roads; and women, trees, and weaving
  • one dream of mine (I was grateful for Ariella’s pointing out that the underground setting of my dream places me in the earth, and connects the dream to “subterranean wisdom”)
  • and the technique of “dream mirroring” in groups (which could include listeners sharing their body sensations, emotional experiences, spontaneous songs, or even drawings), plus tips for listening to dreams in this way.

Click Play above to hear us explore these things, and more. You can also listen on your favorite podcast platform by clicking one of these links: Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcherVurbl, or iHeartRadio.

Ariella Daly is a dreamworker and a natural beekeeper living in Northern California.  She fell in love with bees in 2010, when a swarm of wild bees moved into the wall behind her bed.

Ariella teaches and speaks about natural beekeeping, the honey bee organism, and the human relationship to bees. She believes that through learning to listen to the bees with all our pathways of knowing, we are learning to heal our own disconnect from the natural world.

Her work with bees is also informed by a decade studying European bee-shamanism with the Lyceum in England. This tradition holds the honey bee as its central motif and ally.  She is trained in dream work, oracular seership, The Pollen Method for healing, and Nektary work.  Ariella sources from both the bee tradition and living with bees to facilitate retreats, workshops, and personal sessions to support healing, intuition, womb wisdom, and our inherent connection to the vitalic life force energy of the earth.

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