The Dreamers’ Den Series Ep 25: Chakra Colors, Expansive Creativity and a Dream of Tulips (a conversation with Kelly Lydick)

Dreamers Den Podcast Episode 25 Chakra Colors Expansive Creativity and a Dream of Tulips with Kelly Lydick hosted by Leilani Navar

Kelly Lydick first caught my attention with her work on “dream incubation,” which is the practice of setting an intention or asking a question before going to sleep at night. I love dream incubation and turn to it frequently in my ongoing conversation with my own dreams. When Kelly and I planned this interview, though, we were drawn to talk about two other subjects dear to us both: colors in dreams, and how dreams relate to our creativity.

Kelly holds an M.A. in Writing and Consciousness and professional certifications in Meditation, Optimal Healing Environments, and Music Therapy and Sound Healing. She’s a certified Gateway Dreaming™ Coach, a Life Coach, and a Reiki Master. She is the author of many articles and of two books, including Dream Incubation for Greater Self-Awareness. She teaches creative writing and personal growth workshops, and works with clients in private sessions. The link to her website is below.

Click “Play” above to hear us explore:

  • how the dreamlike writing of Ray Bradbury led her to pay more attention to her dreams
  • dreams as a “gateway” to the healing process and to other dimensions
  • whether the Earth / the ecosystem are communicating through our dreams – and whether we’re listening
  • insights about colors in dreams through the lens of the chakra system (resonant with, but not identical to, how I talk about colors in terms of the Five Elements of Classical Chinese Medicine)
  • a recent power-struggle dream involving the color red, from one of Kelly’s clients
  • a dream of mine including red, orange, and green (which you’ll hear me talk about with Kelly, and then reflect on further at the end of the episode)
  • and Kelly’s view of creativity as an entire process that includes all aspects of us (not only the expansive experience of producing something)

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After you listen, I’d love to hear from you. Did any of your own dreams come to mind as you were listening? Leave a comment below.

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Leilani Navar


  1. Genevieve Jacobs on March 28, 2021 at 8:08 pm

    Wonderful! I loved meeting Kelly Lydick in our college class Psychology of Consciousness many years ago, and it is a treat to see how she has delved deeper still! Thank you for the interview!

    • Leilani Navar on March 29, 2021 at 3:49 pm

      Thanks, Genevieve! So glad to know you enjoyed this conversation.