The Dreamers’ Den Series Ep 23: Dreams Don’t Take Anything Lightly (Highlights on Colors, Numbers and Characters from The Dreamers’ Den Members’ Episodes )

Dreams Don't Take Anything Lightly Highlights about Colors Numbers and Characters in Your Dreams from The Dreamers' Den Members Episodes with Leilani Navar

I’ve packed this Full Moon episode full of gems that I hope will bring you a few “ah-ha moments” about your own dreams. You’re going to hear highlights from three of our Members’ Episodes from the past 6 months. 

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Each month, The Dreamers’ Den Membership Community gets a bonus podcast episode. These are generally a little more casual, and also a little more focused, diving in deep on one particular theme. They’re for those dreamers who are already all-in on being in relationship with their dreams. Not everyone is necessarily rigorous about keeping a daily dream journal, or committed to any particular practice with dreams (we range from totally devoted to dreams to simply curious in an ongoing way). Everyone is, though, on board with the sense that our dreams matter and this relationship is fulfilling.

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This episode includes part of an episode I recorded about color in dreams; most of a conversation I had with Billie Ortiz about numbers and tarot in dreams; and an episode about tracking the characters in our dreams. You’ll hear about:

  • An art project you can do to visually grasp what colors are showing up in your dreams with what frequency
  • Associations for the colors blue, green, red and yellow from the Chinese Five Elements system, and in connection with the chakras
  • An example dream with yellow shoes (think the yellow in a stoplight, and the integrity of Earth)
  • Billie’s take on the numbers 12 and 13 in connection with the Hanged Man, sacrifice, and Death
  • The symbol of a donut (as Billie says, with dreams, “you never know what you’re going to get!”)
  • How 5 and 6 relate to our 5 familiar senses and our 6th sense of intuition
  • The numbers 3 and 4 in Jung’s thinking and in tarot
  • This important question when something is missing in a dream: “What did the dream take away from me?”
  • Getting the big picture of what types of characters tend to show up in your dreams (and a recurring character in mine)
  • and “embodying” interesting characters through imagination, for a change of perspective that I can trust matters in my life

I hope you enjoy these gems and that one or a few of them strike a chord. If you want to hear the rest of the last six month’s episodes (including one about dream incubation, and more depth from former podcast guests Teresa Vazquez and Kezia Vida) and keep up with all the new ones, I hope you’ll consider joining the Membership Community. Click here to learn more about it.

Earlier podcast episodes that I mention in this one:

Episode 12: Surprises, Ancestors, Numbers & Masks in Our Dreams (a conversation with Billie Ortiz)

Episode 16: Ancient Wisdom, Possible Futures & Decolonization in Dreams (a conversation with Nicole Torres)

Episode 10: How Dreams and Embodied Imagination Support Us Through Illness (a conversation wtih Katherine Lawson)

Episode 4: Each Character in Your Dream is a Door (a conversation with Sue Scavo)

Music by East Forest.

Leilani Navar