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A Podcast Featuring News Stories & Conversations with People Remembering & Reimagining Life-Sustaining Ways to Be Human on Earth

Carrying on with “business as usual” is not working for humanity. It’s not working for the rest of the planet either.

The good news is that Business as Usual isn't the whole story.

"The Great Unraveling" is part of the story, too. As we all can see, there are many intersecting crises happening around the world.

And here at Turning Season we're focusing on a third plotline: the global adventure story Joanna Macy has called "The Great Turning":

our collective shift toward life-honoring, life-sustaining ways of being human.

Each of these episodes is a heartening dose of Active Hope.

We're here to support you discovering your own unique role in The Great Turning,

to enliven you with news of people around the world, rising to their own roles,

and to brighten your path by sharing conversations with passionate individuals playing their part.

Let's talk about:

Personal Healing As Global Healing

becoming more whole, healthy, fulfilled versions of ourselves, with life-honoring mindsets

Protecting Thriving Life

the "holding actions" that slow down or prevent harm, to humans and the rest of the web of life

Life-Sustaining Systems

practical solutions for meeting our needs and desires - in ways that don't destroy what we rely on to survive

Leilani Navar Creative Writing from Dreams

Hi. I’m Leilani Navar. I was inspired to start Turning Season Podcast in 2021 after participating in a multi-week Work that Reconnects workshop. In some sessions, as part of our greeting, we each shared an observation from the week that could be seen as "evidence that the Great Turning is happening." I loved the variety of what was named. From permaculture projects to public policy changes, from urban beekeepers to children helping drowning bugs, the evidence was diverse and plentiful. 

I'd been having a great time podcasting about dreamwork (and interviewing amazing dreamworkers!) for almost two years, but at that point, my focus was naturally broadening to a wider range of topics. I felt that it would be delightful and supportive to expand the podcast to include all manner of Great Turning evidence, and host deep conversations that let you get to know the how's and the why's and the hearts of individuals who are rising to their unique roles in this time on Earth.

In addition to hosting these conversations, I serve my community in clinical practice and online as an acupuncturist, herbalist, and dreamworker. I help people tend to their physical and emotional health - and the connection between them - through practical wisdom from Chinese Medicine, and insights from their own dreams. In personal health and global outlook, it lights me up to see people feel relief, and a new sense of possibility.

To keep me heartened, actively hopeful, and honoring my pain for the world, I turn regularly to the work of Joanna Macy, who's been bringing her incredible heart and brilliant mind to meet these times since before I was born. "The Great Turning" is a term of Joanna's, and refers to one of "The Three Stories of Our Time." You'll hear more about all three stories on the podcast. (And if you're curious, you can click here to read a little more of my personal story, or here to see my online offerings.)

By tuning in to the Turning Season podcast, you’ll get your dedicated dose of active hope. You’ll meet the creative and compassionate people who are part of shifting us collectively to a more sustainable society.

You’ll hear from people rising in their roles and playing their part in the Great Turning. From healing personal trauma to conversations with big thinkers and visionaries, decolonization to building composting toilets, new innovations to bridging social divides, there are thousands of reasons and ways to participate. Listen in now to explore more of what’s being done already and what’s possible.


Turning Season Podcast Episode 36 with Leilani Wong Navar and Lydia Violet Harutoonian

Episode 36: Personal and Collective Healing in Chinese Medicine and Deep Ecology (with Leilani Wong Navar and guest interviewer Lydia Violet Harutoonian)

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Our bodies are just like the rest of the living world: coursing with healing, life-affirming intelligence and capacity; and suffering the effects of being out of balance. The body is one setting for what Joanna Macy called “the three stories of our time”: Business as Usual, the Great Unraveling, and the Great Turning. We’ve explored…

Turning Season Podcast Episode 35 with Gloire Mudekuza hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 35: Regeneration and Resilience for Refugees and Host Communities in Uganda (with Gloire Mudekuza)

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Ready for a dose of Active Hope? Listen to Gloire Mudekuza, a young refugee, a social entrepreneur, a climate activist and a mentor in Uganda, making an impact in the refugee community. He is passionate about regenerative agriculture, climate action, and entrepreneurship. He is the founder and director of Plethora Social Initiative, a refugee-led organization…

Turning Season Podcast Episode 34 Afro-lachian Herbal Remedies Past Stories Current Conversations with Ruby Daniels hosted by Leilani Navar

Episode 34: Afro-lachian Herbal Remedies, Past Stories & Current Conversations (with Ruby Daniels)

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Register here for the (free!) Great Turning Summit: In this planet-wide, diverse movement we can call The Great Turning, one of the threads I’m personally following is medicine. I’m all in for the shift to a life-honoring, life-sustaining approach to understanding illness, treating disease, and promoting health and healing.  Ruby Daniels is part of…


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